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I’m about to show you how you can set your own wages, by learning how to trade the financial markets and doubling your starting bank again and again until you’re happy with your monthly income.

If you have tried making money from the financial markets before and failed ridiculously like Donald Trump in a cage fight, then you need to hear what I have to say.

At Last You Can Create a Reliable Income from Trading the Financial Markets.


Simple Trades but very profitable


I know what you’re probably already thinking… Here we go, another round of BS promises and hype! I know how you feel and I don’t blame you at all for being skeptical.

Too many smart marketers have been getting rich from selling junk trading systems without an ounce of concern if you make a profit or not… even worse is that they don’t give damn if you lose your hard earned savings from their petty scam in the process.

But today I hope I can restore your faith in trading the financial markets. If you just take a minute to hear me out.

I Am a Real Trader not a Marketer

I am a Real Life Trader


I have been trading for over 7 years and I started writing a blog way back then too. I have been publishing my trading progress over the years and what I have learnt from trading the financial markets… and I still write the blog to this very day.

I now have 1000’s of subscribers and followers.

Many of my blog posts rank on the first page of Google for various trading keywords.

My blog has grown into far more than I ever thought possible when I first started writing it all those years ago.

I have gained this success from writing honest reviews about various trading systems and from publishing awesome trading strategies that really do make money long term.


Today I have a Very Special Offer for You…

Today… I’m going to offer you a very special opportunity to be one of 50 20 lucky students to trade alongside me in real time and profit just like I do, every month, from trading the financial markets.

What’s more is that it’s not going to cost you a single penny to find out if I’m the real deal…. or not as the case may be!

Just by copying me and my Trading strategy, You’re going to be able to…

  • Actually see your wealth growing from month to month
  • Realistically plan how to further invest your profits
  • Work less and earn more from home or anywhere in the world that you choose
  • Start living life on your terms without limits and financial restrictions
  • Finally relax in the knowing you are taking care of your own financial future

…And that’s just for starters!


You can invest your profits into other stable longer term markets.


Think I’m talking Trash? I’ll prove that this works and I’ll prove it for Free.


And Not Only That, But…


  • You’ll get free regular updates, so you can keep learning and fine tuning your trading skills
  • I’ll show you where to go to get free access to charts and I’ll also give you a special link that will get you a free trial of the award winning charting package Sharepad.
  • I’ll explain why you don’t need £1000’s to start trading and why it’s actually better to start out with far less in fact.
  • You will also learn how to trade untapped markets that offer huge profit potential with very little in the way of risk.


Here’s the Deal

There’s only one catch! [if you can even call it that]. The deal is, you need to join me now and agree to test my trading strategy out and copy me for 60 Days.

If you fail to prove any sort of profit in that time, either paper trading or using real funds… I’ll refund you in full 100% guaranteed. Absolutely no questions asked!

Hold on Though… I’m going to make this offer even Sweeter for you.

Not only will you get my main Trading System that will give you everything you need to start trading in minimum time. I’m also going to give you some very special bonus trading strategies that you’ll not of seen anywhere before.


Bonus #1:Swing Trading Strategy: My swing trading strategy will get you in the market at key points, maximizing profit potential whilst eliminating as much downside risk as possible.
Bonus #2:Shares Trading System: This complete video guide will show you how to find shares to trade on the UK and US Markets that can offer spectacular gains from placing little low risk spread bets.
Bonus #3:My Unique 4 Hour Forex Trading System: This system is so effective at churning out profits that I could have easily sold it on its own for £197… Instead, I have decided to include with my trading course as a truly extra special bonus .


Plus New for 2019

And what’s more… I have just added my new DAX Scalping system for 2019. It’s so easy to use and unbelievably profitable… and the smallest of banks is all you need to start out trading it successfully.  It’s totally awesome.

Remember, You get my Stone Cold 100% Iron Clad Guarantee

And don’t forget… I’ve really got you covered on all fronts here. Not only am I offering you the chance to be one of a select few to get your hands on my system. You’re also completely covered with my rock solid guarantee.

Can you Honestly Afford to Miss out on This Offer?

OK Rachel… I’m totally fed up with getting duped by marketing scammers.

I know you have been trading and writing your blog for over 6 years and I trust you.

I really do want to make money trading the financial markets from anywhere in the world.

I understand that I am covered by your stone cold, iron clad guarantee. And that I can test drive your system and trading strategies without risk… I’ll also get your free and regular video updates.

How do I get started Today Rachel?

It’s easy to get started today… and I’m not even going to ask you to pay the full price for my awesome trading course. All I’m going to ask you for is £147 to get access to all of my trading systems… this price is including a one-time special offer discount of over 50%

So you’re not even going to be paying the full price of £297

Remember… There is absolutely no way I’m going to let you take any chance to lose money. The risk is all squarely on me and you are completely covered by my stone cold, iron clad 100% money back Guarantee.

Act Now… and you will be one of the lucky 50 20 to be learning my awesome trading strategies and watching how I make money from trading in just a few minutes.

But you’ve got to be quick and take action right away! When all 50 20 places have been taken, that’s it… The doors will be closed. And it’s unlikely that I’ll offer this chance to join me again.

To Your Good Fortune


Rachel trader Author and owner of

P.S. My trading systems really works… and I’m offering you not one but six awesome trading strategies that you can use to milk the financial markets on a regular basis. What’s more is you are completely covered with my 100% money back Guarantee!


P.P.S I am a real trader, with a proven track record, making real money from trading the financial markets. And I’ll show you how the smallest of trading banks can make tidy regular profits.





P.P.P.S Remember… I’m only going to work with a maximum of another 50 20 people! That’s not a bribe to get you to order… That’s a fact! When all the spots have been taken I’m closing the offer down and removing the order now buttons. All you’ll be able to do is read this page again and again without a chance to join me.

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