Closed Bitcoin Trade

I have closed my bitcoin trade for a profit of 140 points. This scrapped back a little from the loss the other day.

All in all over the last 6 weeks I have done well on bitcoin, but… the one downside for me is that i was thinking about it [my trade] over the weekend.

This is mainly because the trade didn’t soar into profit, so i was wondering if i needed to take action at any stage. This was and is due to having to use big margins and stops that are greater than where i will actually exit the trade should things go the wrong way.

For some this may be acceptable. For me it was irritation.

I don’t think about trading all day every day. I wan’t to keep it that way. I will trade bitcoin again at some stage as it can be so profitable. But for now I’m out of it.

When I can trade other markets that move slower,  but with greater stakes per a point and that close at weekends then that is my preference.