Week update

A good week overall. Over 300 points on the DAX and could have squeezed more. I now expect the price to swing back this coming week as we lead up to Easter.

AUD/GBP after the breakout, the price has fallen and fallen. a good call but I like to wait for levels to be retested before entering after a breakout. In this case it may not happen. Let’s see over the coming week.

AUD/NZD this looks like it is ready to fall on Monday as the support level broken again.

Bitcoin was down and I was up over 200 points… as I write I have a loss of a few quid. If I get another signal to close the trade and change direction i shall do so even if it’s Saturday or Sunday.

I hope you are starting to see that trading is all about support and resistance levels, keeping your stops tight and letting your profits roll. There are opportunities everywhere and every week, we just research them and then stack the odds as best we can in our favour.

Check out my blog over the weekend as there will be a post about trading bitcoin. Some of you may find that useful too.